• Does your dog suffer from behavior problems brought on by stress? These Calming Diffusers from SENTRY will help them relax and correct misbehavior like excessive barking and marking.

    This proven pheromone technology is perfect for calming dogs in a specific area of the home during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, visitors in the home and even nervousness when left alone. The pheromone in the diffuser mimics that produced by mother dogs to calm their young to reduce stress-related behaviors. This diffuser releases pheromones for 30 days and can be used without any long-term side effects. Pheromones released cover an area up to 215 square feet.

    • Proven to effectively modify behavior problems in dogs caused by stress or fear
    • Releases pheromones for up to 30 days
    • Can be used with dogs of all breeds and ages
    • Can be used without long-term side effects
    • Head of the plug rotates to fit any U.S. electrical outlet
    • Works in area up to 215 square feet
    • US and International patents pending