• When pets have stress-related behavior problems, it's hard to remember how lovable, loyal and entertaining they can be! But, it doesn't have to be this way.


    SENTRY® GOOD Behavior pheromone products give you safe, convenient and scientifically proven solutions to some of the toughest behaviors. Pheromones are chemicals that animals naturally produce and use to communicate information to each other. SENTRY GOOD Behavior products can be used alone or in conjunction with behavior training to reduce and eliminate problems like inappropriate marking, scratching, digging and even pet/owner separation.

    Calming Collar
    For dogs and cats. Constant contact with calming pheromones helps your pet overcome stress wherever they go for 30 days. Great for active pets.
    Calming Diffuser
    For dogs and cats. Makes your pet feel safe and secure in an enclosed area by emitting a continuous stream of calming pheromones.
    Calming Spray
    For dogs and cats. Useful for temporary situations to reduce stress and calm pets. Great for use in pet beds, kennels or areas of the home where the pet feels safe.
    Stop That! Spray
    For dogs and cats. Specific pheromone helps stop unwanted behavior immediately, calms and allows you to redirect your pet.

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